June 19, 2024

Why Mirrors?

Why mirrors?

In 2006, I found a broken mirror in an alley in Barcelona and on a whim hauled it up to the tiny room I rented for most of that year. I puzzled the shattered pieces together into a crude sunset scene on the wall. It was magic, the way those fragmented reflections brought light and energy to a dank windowless space.

I’ve been working with mirror for nearly two decades now. It’s a fickle medium (which is likely part of what keeps me engaged) but there is so much to love about it.

Mirror enables me to create artwork that is ever-changing along with the content of its reflections. It’s different every time you view it. This is a visceral reminder of the impermanent nature of things and the power of perspective.

I love how using mirror in mosaic makes the viewer a part of the art. Seeing your fragmented reflection amongst the pieces is a reminder that you are a part of a bigger picture. Each broken little piece has an important role to play in the beauty of the art as a whole.

My hope is that my artwork reflects light, beauty and love wherever it hangs.