Portal 2 - 16”

Art can be a portal of sorts. When you make art, you channel energy into it. When you like a piece of art, that energy is connecting with you. If you bring that piece home, you will feel that spark of connection every time you look at it.

Creating art is how I connect with the world. It's how I tap into something divine. At times, it's working on a project and feeling tears fill my eyes and not having the slightest clue why. It's just a moment of pure connection. The portal is open.

I believe the portal stays open indefinitely. My hope with this piece is that you will feel a spark of pure connection whenever you engage with it. If it hangs in your space, use it as your own portal to send love wherever it needs to go. If someone gifts it to you, let yourself feel their love coming through it. Catch a glimpse of your reflection in the glass and remember that you are never alone. We are all connected.

Hand cut mirror mosaic and stained glass on 16" diameter 1/4" thick backer. Wire mount.

Shipping: Flat Rate $22 USPS Domestic

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