Is that a real surfboard?

Yes. Each Glassd surfboard is created on an old surfboard that is no longer rideable. If you look at the back side you will be able to see the look of the original board and, in some cases, a few of the dings and scuffs that it earned during its past life riding waves. 

How does it hang?

Each board comes ready to be hung easily by wire with no visible hardware. Glassd Boards average 10-15lbs in weight. 

Do you ship?

Yes. Packaging and shipping is available for both domestic and international orders. Single boards shipping domestically will be safely wrapped and custom packed in a sturdy cardboard box. International orders and orders of multiple pieces will be packed or crated securely. International packing & shipping cost varies significantly with destination, size of board, and packing method. Please contact for a specific quote. 

Care Instructions

Handle with care. These boards are intended for indoor display hanging on a wall or in a stand. Do not lean your artwork against a wall or in a corner without additional support - it will likely fall over and may break. Spot clean by spraying a gentle glass cleaner onto a cloth rag and wiping as needed.


Artwork may have sharp edges, use caution when handling or cleaning. Please ensure that artwork is hung securely.