Glassd mirror mosaic artwork celebrates originality, quality, and environment. Retired surfboards serve as canvas for much of the artwork you see here. Partnering with local Southern California surf and ding repair shops who often receive unrideable boards creates an opportunity to reincarnate them into beautiful works of art and also minimize our footprint on the environment.  Each Glassd mirror mosaic is completely unique, no two are the same. The individual sections of mirror are cut by hand and puzzled together piece by piece. This work is done by Artist Katy Helen out of her studio in San Clemente, California.  Originally a Minnesota native, Katy moved to San Diego in 2007 and fell in love with Southern California's beaches and surf culture. Though she has been an artist her entire life, it was not until early 2009 that she traded in her career as a software executive to focus on her true passion. You can learn more about her journey here.